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Kiln Glass Firing Suggestions – Free E-Book!

The past weeks I re-visited every source I could find on firing schedules. Seeing all these long holds going up and down I wanted to know why. This brought me to the point where I thought, OK how can we get everybody to write their own firing schedules. No, don't...

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Use Papyros Paper to Create a Sign Holder!

Papayros Paper™ is usually used as a release paper in kiln forming. But lately we have used it for many other purposes. One of them we already introduced a few blogs earlier. Keep the Luminescent Coating on the Top Layer! Today I like to show you how to use Papyros...

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Fundraiser – Friendship Pendant

A Friend is Helping a Friend For a while now I have thought that this "Friendship Pendant" idea would be ideal for a fund raiser. So when I was asked by a friend, if I would like to donate a piece I thought I will donate not just a finished piece, but have people...

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Glass Event in Maryland!

Affordable and Fun - Check Out These New ClassesBecause we wanted everyone to have the opportunity to attend, I am offering  a variety of short projects in small 2 to 3 hour sessions. This way you can choose to attend one, two or even all 6 classes. The class themes...

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Painting with Glass Powders

Painting with Glass Powders is a video that I added to our YouTube channel many years ago. It seems to be one of our most popular videos. I used to have the ratio of Glass Powder, Aloe and Water in our shopping cart with the products. But since we do not sell glass...

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Summer Experiment – Kiln Forming Without Kiln Marks!

This summer is dedicated to glass experiments. Every year I think I have a lot of time in the summer to experiment. But with all the traveling and teaching the summer is always over so quickly. So this year we took a break and are enjoying the time in our...

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Bubbles – never again!

Yesterday, one of our new customers sent me this picture. Have you experienced this bubble problem? I did! Nearly 20 years ago, before I started using Kaiser Lee Board as a kiln shelf. Here is my reasoning behind the bubble issue. Glass is a very slow heat...

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Kaiser Lee Board is Ideal for the Paragon QuickFire 6

For those of you who do not know about the Paragon QuickFire 6 - here is a picture of it. And yes it will fire quick and the trickiest part is to stay with it and check your glass often and turn it off, as soon as you like what you see. Kaiser Lee Board does not mind...

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Keep the Luminescent Coating on the Top Layer!

Lately I'm experimenting with Papyros Paper and have made several discoveries. Today I want to share my latest with you. Laura P. once mentioned that she places Papyros Paper on top of a luminescent glass, when she slumps it, after she fused the luminescent side down...

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