Do you have a tall kiln?

My kiln is 16″ high and 30″ x 42″ so it is not a problem to fit in a 23″ x 23″ square for the first firing and then set it on our tall Kaiser Lee Board Triangles to drape fire it. The triangles are only 11″ high but by placing them on a 2″ KLB square piece, I ended up with a 13″ igh drape mold. Even so the kiln is higher, my coils are hanging 1″ from the top and I like to be away with the glass at least 2″.

20 Years of Fusing and my Heart Rate Still Goes UP!

There is always a risk when I drape something, especially when I can’t observe it during the process stage. But I guess that’s what makes glass fusing so interesting. By the way, this was a piece one of my students made during a private workshop, so it better turns out – right?

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