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Kaiser-Lee, LLC is specialized in Glass Fusing since over 2 decades, now. And with glass fusing we refer to kiln forming glass in kilns. KILN FORMING with Kaiser Lee Board is the most versatile way to create shapes and sculptures in a kiln. With its discovery our business got a new direction and grew into a business with many facets. Looking back it is a lot more than just a business. It gives me – Petra Kaiser and my husband Wolfgang Kaiser – an outlet to connect with a wonderful group of people. It is a small industry and in the last 20 years we were able to meet nearly everybody involved in this industry. We will never forget our first trade show in Long Beach, California.  Our first distributor, Art Glass House, was so kind to invite us to share their booth. But what a surprise – we had a product but nearly no market. So we learned fast to ask people, if they had any experience with glass fusing. I would say 90 % said they like what we are displaying, but they were into stained glass only. We also met S. Okubo, who bought our whole display – molds and art work –  to take back to Japan. It was her start into the adventure of fusing and the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

Several months later we met Randy Wardell from Wardell publication and I asked him, why there were so few glass fusing books and he replied: “The market is too small. There are not enough glass fusing hobbyists”. But only a year later he approached me with the idea of writing my first book “Introduction to Glass Fusing”.  It was quite a struggle to keep it a true beginner book. My ego was telling me, that I should show more, but my brain said, don’t confuse people with too much information. And sure enough, between all the nice and encouraging comments there it was – THE ONE  – I was fearing all along,  saying: “She obviously does not know much……”. The only way to cope with this challenge was the promise, that I would be able to publish a second book with more advanced techniques. “Fuse It” was published 3 years later. I’m sure those books helped us to get invited to teach workshops in Japan,  Mexico, Canada and of course in many states of the United States.

 It all lead to a very versatile business over the years

  • Distribution of Kaiser Lee Board;
  • Development of new ideas and projects in the art of kiln forming glass;
  • Publishing of books, e-book and articles and some YouTube videos;
  • Teaching workshops and classes  in SW-Florida and around the world;
  • Creating and designing Dinnerware, Tableware,  Sculptures and Art in public places;
  • Employee motivation events;
  • Marketing and Kiln forming consultant for Wissmach Glass Manufactur

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