Last week Lindsey and Chase booked a private session to create their “Love Lamp” with my help and a few minor design suggestions. Both never had made anything in kiln formed glass before, but like to share their creativity with each other.

They definitely wanted to keep the luminescent shine on the Wissmach dark blue glass and the black clear Wissmach Prisma glass. In the first firing I took the kiln up to 1410° F with a 12 minute hold time. The Papyros Paper™ protected the luminescetn coating nicely without leaving a trace behind.

My next concern was the drape firing. I placed the pre-fused rectangle without the Papyros Paper™ cover on a 6″ high stack of Kaiser Lee Board to bend one side down in a 90° angle.

This time I fired the kiln to 1180°F and hold  10 minutes using the smape pieces of Papyros Paper™ a second time to cover the luminescent glass with great success as you can see in the image below.

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