For those of you who do not know about the Paragon QuickFire 6 – here is a picture of it.

And yes it will fire quick and the trickiest part is to stay with it and check your glass often and turn it off, as soon as you like what you see. Kaiser Lee Board does not mind to be fired fast and does not absorb heat any faster than your glass. Therefor it is the ideal combination – both as a shelf and also as a mold material.

Just in case you get distracted it is best to use a QuickFire with a Power Control Box. It will prevent it from over firing, as long as you don’t leave your kiln alone on the highest setting.

Inspired by her request, we added two new options for Kaiser Lee Board.  Yes, you can now order the board in the smaller size of 6″ x 6″ in a pack of 2 or you can buy the Quick Fire Kit as shown on the right.

Yesterday one of my readers sent me a question.

“I use a Paragon QuikFire 6 kiln with ceramic-type kiln shelf.  Recently, I’ve developed a problem with a smooth area and wrinkles radiating out in the center of the back of the pieces. Could this be a hot spot on my shelf? I do keep it elevated with 1/4″ thick, 1″ long pieces of fiber board, but this no longer helps. There are now dark circular spots on the kiln shelf. After rereading my old copy of your book, I’m wondering if I should switch to Kaiser-Lee fiber board instead of ceramic kiln shelf to better distribute the heat; if so, what thickness fiber board should I use?”

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