Have you ever been to the TGK Glass Fair in Germany. We will be there for the first time in May this year.

Yes, Wissmach Glass is sold in Germany and we will teach 3 short 2 hour classes, 2 on Friday and 1 on Saturday.

Petra Kaiser, Wissmach,Saturday 13.05. 09:30-10:30

 ” Wissmach 96 Luminescent and Wissmach Reactive  “

Wissmach 96 Luminescent offers the user new design possibilities, but comes with its own set of rules. The special luminescent coating gives the work a very noble shine. In this workshop, you will create a relief in conjunction with fiber paper and learn how to get the best results with Wissmach Luminescent glass. You will also get an introduction to the Wissmach reactive glass options. The work will be fired after the open house and will be shipped with your next order.

Looking forward to meet some European Glass Enthusiasts in Germany.

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