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Creative Kiln Forming - Instructions, Projects and Products

When you start working with Kaiser Lee Board you might want to consider the "Mold Block System". It is the most versatile form of mold making. The blogs can be used to make:

Dishes,  Pattern bars, Bud Vases,Card Holder Casting molds, Jewelry Stands and many more.  

When you set them up on a piece of KL-board as a kiln shelf  you do not need to pin them down. The glass will not move them.

We offer two kits which include extensive information and instructions.

Class in a Box 1
Glass Fusing Class in a box
A complete workshop in a box. All you need to add is your glass....
Deluxe Kiln Forming Mold Kit
Kiln forming Kit
Contents: Instruction Book - Glass Forming with the Mold Block...

Kaiser Lee Board has always been ideal to add relief and texture to your kiln formed glass. It does not heat up like clay or steel and therefore has no expansion and contraction. It is so easy to carve and shape that you can virtually carve any design any shape into it and fire your glass at full fuse temperature countless times. The main rule to observe it to keep your carvings at least 3 to 5 mm wide. Glass does not like to go into very small crevices and if you  carve the board too narrow you might loose some of your detail when taking off the glass. Ideal for this technique is iridescent or luminescent glass. It looks best when fired coated side down and in a reversed project just shows off well.  

Check out our Project Kits, they all come with additional in depth instructions and are a great starting point to get aquatinted to mold making with Kaiser Lee Board.

Spoon Rest Mold Kit
Kaiser-Lee Board Spoon Rest Mold
Spoon Rest Mold
Kaiser Lee Board 1" x 12" x 12"
KL-board for glass fusing and kiln forming.
Kaiser Lee Board 1" x 8" x 9"
Kaiser Lee Board for smaller projects and kilns.