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Choose a theme from the vast variety of kiln forming techniques and schedule your very own private class. You may also choose several themes and invite us to teach a class at your studio. Please call me to discuss time, costs and your personal class topics.

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Deep Drop Kiln Forming

Deep Drop Kiln Forming

Stretching glass has become very poplular. We also call it deep drop, since the glass drops or streches through a dop out form that is set as high as you desire or as high as your kiln allows.

You’ll learn to make your own drop out mold with Kaiser Lee Board, how to fire the most interesting patterns and how to either incorporate an interesting rim or how to cut off the rim. And of course you will get the correct firing schedules to be able to create those popular vessels at home. This is a 2 part class so please schedule 3 hours for the first part and 2 hours for the second part.

 Drape Kiln Forming


When glass forms over a mold, we call it a “Drape”. We do have develped a system that is so versatile, that you can drape nearly everything – from bowls to vases, from candle holders to baskets, without having to buy a drape mold ever again. This system is space and cost effective and will last you through your entire kiln forming adventure.

Besides making the mold kit, you will learn how to set it up for a multitude of shapes. You may also choose a project made in any technique you desire. (see glass design techniques below).

Deep Drop Kiln Forming
Deep Drop Kiln Forming

Kiln Cast Sculptures

Kaiser Lee Board is an ideal material to cast any open face shape you desire. You will learn what kind of shapes would work well for this special type of kiln casting technique. And the best part is that you will be able to use your casting form over and over again. You will also learn how to alternate the mold to make more than just one shape with your casting mold. When you cast with Kaiser Lee Board you do not necessarily have to cold work your art work after firing. We will also show you how to set up your casting molds for pot melt casting.


 Create Your Own Sheet Glass with On Edge Design Technique


The On Edge Design method gives you many possibilities to create glass shapes, from free form to geometrical exact. From representational to abstract. You will have many different projects to choose from and will also learn to bend glass strips before you use them in your projects.

Deep Drop Kiln Forming
Deep Drop Kiln Forming

Create Your Own Sheet Glass with  Random Glass Pieces and Frit


Who says you need full sheets of glass to create something. Here at the Fuse It Studio we love random pieces of fusing glass and enjoy creating new shapes of glass which than can be used to make all kind of projects, like bowls, lamps, vases, sculptures and wall art. 

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