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Octopus Bowl

This kiln formed bowl has hardly touched any mold materials. The Wissmach 96 glass worked perfectly during the 2 full fuse and 1 kiln form  firing. Since I can not show this glass art well enough in a single image, I decided to make this short video with several...
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And Now?

And Now? All I wanted to do is to stretch some glass to make glass shards. Yes those very little thin sharp glass pieces. This is at least my 5th trial and each time the kiln and the glass have a mind of their own. And Now ... I have another good for nothing but...
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Coral with Frit and Vitrigraph Stringers

All you need is some Wissmach Glass Frit and a few vitrigraph stringers in a variety of thicknesses. How To Steps Place a piece of Papyros Paper on a kiln shelf. I used a small 6" x 6" Kaiser Lee Board shelf.  Now you can lay out a fan like design with your stringers...
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A Creative Time at the Fuse It Studio

Last week Lindsey and Chase booked a private session to create their "Love Lamp" with my help and a few minor design suggestions. Both never had made anything in kiln formed glass before, but like to share their creativity with each other. They definitely wanted to...
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Website Security

Some of you might have gotten a warning from Google when you tried to open www.kaiserlee.com. Even so our site was always secure, and our ordering system is encrypted, Google forces you to buy an SSL Certificate and change the address from http to https in order to...
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Create Shapes with Powder Wafer Glue Film and Kaiser Lee Board

When I first saw the Powder Wafers™ glue film from NO DAYS I liked the idea of being able to create any shape in glass that you could cut out of the glue film. You can use scissors and even paper punches. What kept me from trying it was the recommended  firing...
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BIG ARTS 18th Glass Fusing Season is Starting Again

Never miss a class! We will teach again every Wednesday from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm at BIG ARTS on Sanibel Island, FL. Should you not be in town for one or the other Wednesday, you can always make up a class at a later day in the season. Beginning in January we will...
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Kiln Glass Firing Suggestions – Free E-Book!

The past weeks I re-visited every source I could find on firing schedules. Seeing all these long holds going up and down I wanted to know why. This brought me to the point where I thought, OK how can we get everybody to write their own firing schedules. No, don't...
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Use Papyros Paper to Create a Sign Holder!

Papayros Paper™ is usually used as a release paper in kiln forming. But lately we have used it for many other purposes. One of them we already introduced a few blogs earlier. Keep the Luminescent Coating on the Top Layer! Today I like to show you how to use Papyros...
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Fundraiser – Friendship Pendant

A Friend is Helping a Friend For a while now I have thought that this "Friendship Pendant" idea would be ideal for a fund raiser. So when I was asked by a friend, if I would like to donate a piece I thought I will donate not just a finished piece, but have people...
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