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Bubbles – never again!

Yesterday, one of our new customers sent me this picture. Have you experienced this bubble problem? I did! Nearly 20 years ago, before I started using Kaiser Lee Board as a kiln shelf. Here is my reasoning behind the bubble issue. Glass is a very slow heat...

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Kaiser Lee Board is Ideal for the Paragon QuickFire 6

For those of you who do not know about the Paragon QuickFire 6 - here is a picture of it. And yes it will fire quick and the trickiest part is to stay with it and check your glass often and turn it off, as soon as you like what you see. Kaiser Lee Board does not mind...

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Keep the Luminescent Coating on the Top Layer!

Lately I'm experimenting with Papyros Paper and have made several discoveries. Today I want to share my latest with you. Laura P. once mentioned that she places Papyros Paper on top of a luminescent glass, when she slumps it, after she fused the luminescent side down...

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Laser Printed Decals For Design Pattern

A different way to use your Laser-Printed Decals! The last few weeks I experimented a bit with Decals! And with the technique I will show you below, you can use any laser printer on our decal paper.     Are you trying to add a realistic element...

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Are you Familiar with my Books?

Have you had a chance to learn with my books? If so, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post. If not have a look at the videos below and see if you want to give them a try. Thank you and Happy Fusing https://youtu.be/lt9vzWtaK4I https://youtu.be/X3DJnu0ZdAE...

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Free Standing Clock

This beautiful clock was created by my friend Jane Saghir. She used the on edge design technique to fuse this unusual shape and then we used some pieces of Kaiser Lee Board to bend the shape to create the free standing clock. Yes, you can bend over Kaiser Lee Board...

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A Different Way of Drape!

Tall Drape Set This tall drape set up was inspired by one of our students, Marshall Paisner. Yes, Kaiser Lee Board is sturdy enough to support molds like this. As with our other "Drape Tringles" you can use them in a variety of ways. All you need is a kiln...

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